The Year is Complete!

Please feel free to look back through the 365 days of 2010 sunrises, but "a year of getting up to meet the day" is officially completed. There will be no more new posts.


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A one year blog project in which I share a process of transitions: emptying of the nest, reacquainting with my rusty intellect, plowing onward with my first full length book, entering the second half of my first century, and generally reflecting on life.

(see Dec. 29th, 2009 entry for further explanation)

Friday, December 31, 2010

Look. Love. Live.

UPDATE: August 2019:  To join me in my next one-year blog challenge, "My 60th year in 60,000 words," go to and look for my new blog: You'll Never Be Quite the Same.

final sunrise of 2010:  7:13

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I did it!  YAY!!!  365 consecutive sunrise outings in 2010, and what a gorgeous sky display I had to finish off the year.  J and T offered to join me on my last sunrise excursion (and had secret plans for confetti), but I decided to let it be just another regular day, a solitary walk with my three doggie friends.

A walk under the rising glow of dawn is full of discovery.  Here are a few things I've learned from a year of getting up to meet the day:

LOOK.   Look around the world you are in.  Take note of the cycles of the natural world, the advance and retreat of life all around us, all the time.   Take note of your own part in it, no less significant than any other single living entity that is part of this massive conglomerate of biological perpetuity.   Look around at other people and other animals.   Be aware of the journeys and travails that everyone is facing all around you.  You are not alone.   Look into your own heart and soul, into the depths.  Where is your passion?   What is your path?  What nourishes the essence of you?   See what drags you down and what lifts you up, and seek the latter.

LOVE.    Love yourself.   Love the world.   Love your place in it.  Love your work and your dreams. Love the fact of existence.  Let love insert itself into every relationship you have, even the 30 seconds you spend with the checkout girl in the grocery store.   Seek love out, and where you can’t find it, try to insert a little love in.   I am talking about the truest love – generous, caring, grateful, celebratory love.  That thing which calls itself love but is really dependence, or greediness, or fear, or a power play, is only a sham of love.  Yes, love can hurt, because sometimes the noblest exercise of love is letting go, saying goodbye.   But shutting love out hurts more, for far longer.  More love equals a better world, period.

LIVE.    You CAN do it.   Don't underestimate yourself.  Sleep is overrated; you can catch up later.  Sometimes you have to hurry; the best things don't always wait.  Sometimes you have to linger; the best things aren't always the ones you're expecting.  Life is complicated and contradicts itself; don't expect otherwise, and you'll be delighted.  Adapt.  Engage. Act. Take part. Think, look, do, read, write, initiate, walk, run, travel, dance, sing, call, converse, create, caress, give, exchange, hug, care. Saturate all of your senses with the experience of this beautiful world.  When your enthusiasm flags, borrow some from a dog.

Happy New Year!


  1.'s been great fun and deeply rewarding to follow your ride. Thanks for letting us come along. Much as I'll miss the daily dose, I will look forward to the 2011 iteration. Happy New Year to you and your clan. Oh...and thanks for the great eye candy that accompanied your words.

  2. I wondered if I could beat Carl to be first on the "comment list", but alas, he is too speedy for me. But he deserves it anyway... he's much more of a faithful daily follower than I.

    Congratulations dearest - - we are all enormously proud of you and your unbelievable perseverance. As you pointed out yesterday, I know better than anyone what a task it truly was, day after day, rain or shine or snow or sleet. Perhaps the postal service is in your future...!

    And, yes, thanks for the thoughts and reflections, some of which I was intimately aware of and some of which surprised me. None, I might add, did so unpleasantly. It may not have started as a "labor of love", but it clearly ended up that way. And you took so many along with you for the wonderful ride - - thank you!

    You are EXACTLY the good person that your writing reflects - - you will do the world a great favor to keep writing. 2010, the half-way point for both of us, has been a huge stepping forward point for you (and us): Meet the Day, Examiner, BDN, and of course the ongoing Rachel Field adventure. Don't stop!

    I am not one to publicly proclaim such things or reveal personal stuff in blogdom, but all the above is sincere and heart-felt. You are amazing and this is a TRUE accomplishment. Smile and enjoy!
    And of course, most definitely, look + love + live... :)

  3. Congratulations! An awesome and no doubt therapeutic achievement. (I was there for at least two of those sunrises.) Ben Franklin would be impressed!

  4. Nice job Robin. What a fantastic project, which I am guessing turned into a lot more than you expected. I am going to keep your final post somehwere so I can refer to it occasionally (except the part about 30 seconds of love with the checkout girl. How did you know about that?? I was young and stupid...)

  5. I've been a "lurker" for a few months and I just love what you've done. A wonderful accomplishment. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Congrats little sister. I must say that I have not been a faithful follower but certainly your closing verse is terrific and a great reminder to us all to not be so self centered.
    Break the streak, sleep in and then figure out what is next!
    (btw I never knew your hubby was such a mushy sap! ;-)

  7. Yay Mommy!! I was hesitant to be the fist of the 4 kids to post on this, since I haven't been quite as much of a faithful follower as a couple of my siblings...but I BEAT THEM THIS TIME HAHA!

    Anyway the pictures were stunning, the thoughts were compelling and the messages were thought-provoking and sometimes, perhaps, lifechanging. It also exposed to me a side of my mommy that I had never known before! (And after that comment, a side of my daddy as well) That part might actually be my favorite! Thank you for inviting us into your daily thoughts and movements, it always brought me closer to home :)

  8. Congrats. I have been following this through the occasional references from Tigerhawk. I wonder if I could use this to encourage my teenager to rise early....

  9. Well done! Thanks especially for sharing your mornings on Sutton. I saw my first green flash there this Fall - a stunning deep blue to green - after being inspired by you and your blog. Congratulations on your accomplishment.

  10. Dear Robin,

    Thanks again so much for sharing your life and mornings with all of us that faithfully followed you. As I've said before, you've unknowingly lifted me up, given advise, shared common thoughts and feelings... Your blog has been a wonderful place to start my day and I've always looked forward to the next morning's post. I'm so grateful to you. What a relief it was when you shared that you will continue blogging at The Sunrise Blogger. Whew! Even if not every day... it will always be something wonderful for me to look forward to.

    Wishing you, your family and pups all the best in 2011 and I'll see you at The Sunrise Blogger ;o))


  11. Go Mom!!!
    I'm so happy you made it through all those sunrises (not that I ever thought you wouldn't). Your last sunrise definitely is proud of you too- look at those colors! What a great send-off. Congratulations. I'll miss reading these everyday while I'm at school.

  12. Congratulations! I, too, will miss these daily musings. I have so enjoyed following you through this experience, and your motherly wisdom was often the very encouragement I needed to confront some of my own battles this year. Thank you for sharing this journey with us - and enjoy the extra sleep!

  13. Yay Mommy! Congrats! You made it! I still remember that day last December when you sounded like Julie in that Julia Childs movie..."I want to make a" And you became a pro. Not to mention a fabulous writer. Now go write your book!

  14. Wahoo, you did it!! And I can't believe that this year went by so quickly! It's been said many times already, but it can't be said enough -- I'm really going to miss catching up with your life every day, and being inspired by your musings and beautiful pictures. Looking forward to "The Sunrise Blogger" :)

  15. I love your posts, Robbie. Although not a daily follower, I have loved the posts I've read (and been mentioned in!)You have really made it happen--you are a writer! Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  16. "Sometimes you have to linger"

    Thanks for the jewel!

  17. Congratulations on a beautiful,inspiring job. Discovered you through Tigerhawk,while in CT for summer and now the first day of 2011 in VA. Home with a new hip,waiting for another,so please continue. I'm now addicted to your posts. Thank you. Leith Wood

  18. Robin,
    Thanks for so generously sharing your year of getting up early. Fabulous pictures, thoughtful and well written posts. I hope your second full length book comes from this diary. Best wishes.

  19. Tigerman sent me. The light fantastic Down East. One of my passions. Congratulations for 365!

  20. When your enthusiasm flags, borrow some from a dog.

    Words to live by.

    The final sunrise of 2010... beautiful.

  21. Hi Robin,
    What an incredible accomplishment! You are to be congratulated for your amazing effort and thoughtfulness. Thanks for sharing!
    It is a wonderful reminder - to enjoy each sunrise and sunset and every moment in between. Each day is a gift - each year is a treasure!
    Happy New Year! Good luck and best wishes in 2011.
    Phyllis and Peter

  22. A belated congratulations from here. Looking forward to more of your writing...

  23. Hi Robin -- I'm at the tail end, as always -- but my congratulations are no less sincere. I have so enjoyed this year with you -- sometimes daily, more often catch-up-lots-at-once -- but always with awe and with pride.

    You have taught me a great deal -- you are woman wise beyond your years. You have expressed so much of motherhood so very well -- and your four shining children are proof of your devotion to learning for and from them. Your photography has been stunning -- I've stolen quite a bit for desktops! -- I am impressed with your photo eye.
    If my "no matter what get up and get going sign" really had anything to do with it -- I'm thrilled!

    I will be poking around Sunrise Blogger -- but nothing will equal a daily message from a lovely daughter(in-law) for each day of the year. Astonishing. Extraordinary. Dazzling. I sound like Roget! -- but it has truly been an impressive thing to decide to do and then DO so well.

    I look forward with great anticipation and expectation and joy to the rest (my share) of YOUR life!

    My love to you always ...

  24. Year by year, the World Cup is coming....