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Friday, September 24, 2010

share the load, share the joy

sunrise:  6:25

Rainy Friday, dark morning, but there is still plenty to admire in the changing landscape. 

An industrious friend found an answer for me to the spider web question.  Thanks, Dawn!  Apparently some spiders eat their web at the end of the day in order to regain strength after their labors.  The ultimate recycling plan.  Very cool.

I would still like to know about their sudden disappearance from the area - or the disappearance of all the webs, I should say.  Is it typical for every spider in a region to pack up for the winter on the same day?


My dear T had me beaming with joy all afternoon yesterday.  I have learned from both personal experience and others' reports that parents should not get too worked up about distressed phone calls from their college children.  We are a sounding board, a place to blow off steam, a safe haven for spilling all of the worries and what ifs and tensions of a burgeoning independence.  After spilling their sorrows to Mom or Dad, they put their game face on and dive back into the fray.

Disappointments, rejections (or the perception of them), frustrations, they happen to everyone.  Sometimes there is no easy solution.  You just have to take it and keep slogging along.

Meanwhile, Mom takes in her child's grief and carries it.  No!  You're not supposed to do that. Sometimes it's hard not to, but it's also not so bad if you think of it as carrying it on their behalf for a little while.  I think that knowing someone is carrying part of your sorrow helps lighten the load, and I'm happy to do it.

But I'm even happier when I get the follow up phone call with the success story, the discovery, the report of new worlds opening up.  It also helps that I have more assurance that the recovery and success are bound to happen than the younger set has.

T worked like crazy for two days preparing for an interview to get a job at the student run TV station.  The interview felt like a brush off - over and done before anyone had a moment to present all of those well prepared remarks.  Big let down.

Four days later she was offered a high level job on one of their shows.  Yahoo!!!  Great news!!  Yes, yes, but she called with a new worry - "How could they have given me that job?!  I don't know what I'm doing!"  I had to laugh, and she joined me.

Don't we all know that feeling?  You wish and wish for an opportunity, then you get it, and you're suddenly petrified that you overstepped yourself.  You have everyone fooled.  You don't really know how to do anything.  Help!

But T and her parents had a celebratory day, despite any lingering worries.  The weight is lifted, the sun is back out.

There is always a sun rising behind those dark clouds.  You just can't always see it.

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