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Sunday, May 30, 2010

surround yourself with a white light - or - son under the moon

sunrise:  4:54

The other day I drove my son to Logan airport to catch a plane to Texas, then to Argentina.  Car rides are always a wonderful time to spend with people you care about.   Even with the intrusion of cell phones and ipods, it is still a contained space with limited distractions.  And even though S. slept for much of the way after a late night packing and early departure, it was still lovely to be with him.  I like to be his mom taking care of him while he sleeps, keeping him safe.

Keeping him safe is an illusion, of course.  Life with grown children means a constant letting go and just hoping and praying that they will be okay.  My sister, interfaith minister and family counselor, both deeply spiritual and highly practical, offered me a great tool for handling worry.  “Surround yourself with a white light.”

In idle moments I am a worrier.  Lying in bed, I sometimes worry about my physical state -- that weird feeling in my chest or my head.  Sometimes walking alone somewhere I get fearful of attacks in the dark from strange animals or strange people, or something completely indefinable.  When that happens I think of my sister's suggestion.  I conjure up an image of myself surrounded by a crystalline, white light, a glow of protection, an aura of confidence.  It is really just a tool of distraction, in a way, but my credulous side really believes that I can make a difference in my vulnerability, somehow, through that positive visualization.  Whatever the reason, it helps.

On a lighter note – I tried positive visualization on the tennis court last week when my partner and I were losing by a lot.  I saw our winning score in my head and focused hard on it.  And we won!  With that score!

But, anyway – back to the white light…

I use the white light tool on other people that I fear for as well.  If someone is very ill I do a kind of meditation, focus on them in their sick bed, with a white light of peace, comfort, healing all around them.  Or when one of my children is on the road to somewhere, I close my eyes and create a white light around the car speeding through the night. 

So when my precious son flew to Argentina under a full moon on Friday night, I hardly had to visualize much.  I pictured his airplane flying through the clear sky, bathed in the light of the moon. 

He is there now, safe and sound.  I guess it worked.

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