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Saturday, January 30, 2010

a dose of dog happiness

sunrise:  6:57  cold

I have spent a fair amount of time in this blog writing about sources of inspiration.  My original purpose grew largely out of the realization that I was finding it difficult to get out of bed in the morning, all too often.  Delineating one's sources of happiness - counting your blessings - seems trite.  It is.  Nevertheless, it works.

I am almost finished with Eric Weiner's The Geography of Bliss, and it has been the perfect book for me to read as I embark on this venture (and in the dark days of winter).  For what am I doing, if not pursuing happiness?  What is anyone doing?  Why are people around the world happy, or not?  Is happiness even the goal?   It is a book of exploration, cultural comparisons, introspection, and hilarity. 

I'm tipping my hat today to dogs.  The love and affection and loyalty that they offer is a treasure.  Tales of selfless heroism abound -- see Jasmine the dog and the highway hero.  

But dogs are also the consummate embodiment of joy.  If you look closely, you'll see Clara the lab mix bounding into the sunrise in the photo above.  And here's Guster the hound on ice. He's lucky to be included today since he's been banned from a few morning walks; incessant hound baying at 6:00 in the morning is not popular with neighbors or sleeping husbands.  But none of that has any relevance for Guster - there he is, tail wagging, immersed in the moment. 
That is the key to dog happiness - they don't think about it.  They are fully immersed in their present, and never dwell on the negative.  And without even trying, they imbue happiness on their human companions.  There are a few dog behaviors which I would prefer not to emulate, but when it comes to loving life, dogs are my role models.


  1. When my kids were growing up, and into their college years, we had a total of five pets - all of them strays. At one time, we had two dogs and one cat; another time, two cats and one dog. My dog Lady (also a lab mix)sometimes accompanied me on my runs in the morning. Unlike me, she seemed to love every minute of it. I only wish I could have been so thrilled. Their loyalty was the most evident when one of us was sick. Wherever we were lying, they were always close by; and it really was very consoling. Before my kids would take off for school in the morning, our routine was to ask them the question, "what is the secret to life?" And they would answer "attitude," not always with the best attitude though. I'm older than you and at a different place in my life. Staying healthy and independent are very important to me at this time. I'm in a rebellious state, and that may be good. I'm rebelling against going down the path that many seniors take. I've been exercising on a regular basis since my early thirties. I'm so thankful that I developed that habit and don't have to start now. But now more than ever, I need to have that good attitude that we talked about so much when the kids were growing up.

  2. I am really enjoying your thoughts and stories, Rose (if I may call you Rose?). It seems that you and I have shared a lot of similar experience. I only hope that I will carry on your kind of "rebellion" in the future. Thanks for sharing the secret of life! **Robin

  3. So agree with this post! The exuberance and unconditional love of our dogs has always lightened even the dreariest of times. My youngest used to embrace our late beloved golden retriever and exclaim "you're the world's best psychiatrist!" I was just laughing today at my dog's antics on the ice at the beach (posting Sunday about it tho on a different theme)