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Saturday, March 27, 2010

"It goes by so fast!"

sunrise:  6:26

The sun has now moved far enough north to shine directly on my computer desk as I write this post this morning.  Spring is moving its inevitable way up to Maine.  The newspaper made a big deal about how early the ice out came this year on Maine's lakes - and fishing season was opened extra early to help state income.  Still - there was enough new ice on the pond this morning so that Clara had to scratch before she could drink.

T.'s drama club put on The Importance of Being Earnest this week, and the final show was last night.  Very funny show, and they did a great job.  T., my sentimental soul, was in tears when it ended.  For someone who has railed so hard against high school, she gets awfully emotional about all of the "last" times that happen during senior year.  I'm afraid it will get to the point where every day is seen as the last time for something or other.  We're encouraging her not to lose sight of the present moment, rather than grieving its loss while it's still happening.

I was thinking, during my walk this morning, that I'm very similar to T.  I wonder if part of my inspiration to do these sunrise excursions was my own sense of not wanting to miss any part of all of the "last times" that I am experiencing this year.  All through the years that your children are growing up, older people say, "It goes by so fast!  Enjoy it while they're with you..."

...and here I am - - trying to enjoy every last minute while she's with me, while I am still a connected part of high school life, of growing young people, the dynamism of youth and change and development, while there is still one of my offspring in my daily life who wakes up in my house, eats breakfast with me, hangs out here on weekends, leaves her socks on the living room floor, forgets lunch money, re-teaches me all the time about the vicissitudes of life, highs and lows, love and fury and happiness.

I'm just not wearing it quite so openly on my sleeve, but I guess I am subject to the same sentiments as my daughter.   That's why I'm getting up to meet the day, so I don't miss anything.


I succeeded in having a three dog morning with no barking.  Their effusive delight over a walk is just too good to miss.

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